Cross allergies: symptoms and natural remedies

Cross allergies: symptoms and natural remedies

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Cross allergies, because often one is linked to the other, one "pulls" the other and it is not a question of cherries, unfortunately, but of something much more unpleasant. To date it appears that around 70% of the people who are allergic to pollen, suffer from cross-reactions with food therefore cross allergies are not to be considered a niche phenomenon. Better to deepen the topic because if it does not concern us personally, given their diffusion, it is likely that the problem may concern someone close to us. Also those allergic to dust mites, for example, suffer from allergic reactions to certain foods.

Cross allergies: what they are

These are called crusades allergies, because they occur in the same individual but are caused by foods or elements that have no apparent correlation. The only thing they have in common is the fact that they "annoy" the same person, causing allergic reactions.

The crossing of allergies which exist independently and which affect the same person often occurs with those with pollen and those related to foods of plant origin. If it may seem that the two phenomena are not centered, it is not: deepening them we discover that at the base of both there is an immune response against proteins similar to each other.

In general, all allergies are the result of one excessive response from the immune system, in the presence of substances that are not dangerous for other people. Usually these triggers are portions of proteins. There are food or pollen or dust who have these portions in common, without our knowledge, if we are not of the sector, and which therefore make us subject to cross allergies.

Cross allergies: symptoms

The cross allergies they are allergies that coincide and overlap, but remain allergies for which they show the classic symptoms of allergic reactions, recovering and mixing even those typical of allergies that intersect in the individual. For example, if one of the cross allergy is to pollen, among the symptoms there will be rhinitis, conjunctivitis and asthma.

Otherwise, if you are allergic to some foods, itching, swelling and blistering are seen in the mouth. There are less frequent cross allergies: pollen allergies almost never overlap with related ones ingestion of certain plant foods, but if it happens, the most common symptoms are hives or respiratory disorders. Only in severe cases, the allergic reaction can manifest itself with anaphylactic shock.

Cross allergies: grasses

The most common cross-allergies are what they see implicate the grasses. In fact, those who are allergic to them are often "sensitive "also to wheat, with watermelon, melon, lemon, oranges, plum, peach, apricot, cherries, kiwi, almond, tomato and peanuts. Other examples of frequent cross allergies are those to birch and apple pollen, or with hazelnuts.

Cross allergies: foods to avoid

There are gods foods that are best avoidedwhen you are prone to cross allergies. Some, more than others, are at risk. For example, if we are allergic to parietaria, we better not eat basil, peas, melon, cherries and pistachios.

If, on the other hand, it is the birch that creates allergy problems, then foods to avoid they are apple, pear, strawberry, raspberry, plum, peach, apricot, cherry, almond, celery, fennel, carrot, parsley, kiwi, peanut, walnut and hazelnut.

Cross allergies: natural remedies

Natural remedies for allergies are more preventive than anything else, because if you are allergic to some substances, the first and almost only thing to do is to try to avoid them. Work on the symptoms for weaken its intensity it is sometimes an illusion of getting better but you don't care, you make do.

It is therefore better to inquire to prevent the cross allergies make life difficult for us. If we are allergic to pollen, let's find out about the foods that can cause allergies and the same applies to other allergies.

The allergy vaccine against pollen in some cases it also reduces the symptoms of associated food allergy but let's not take it for granted. Another ploy is to cooking food reducing its allergenicity, or to remove the peel, if it is in it that the proteins that give rise to the allergy are concentrated.

Cross allergies: diagnosis

To diagnose the cross allergies, a test called Immuno Solid-phase Allergen Chip (ISAC) is performed. It is a test that allows the determination of antibodies (IgE) and is directed against 103 different molecules that can trigger an allergy.

Once the diagnosis is made, and then the cross allergies the best thing is to avoid contact with the agent who triggers them.

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