Diseases of fruit plants

Diseases of fruit plants

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Diseases of fruit plants, which can also compromise entire crops and ruin that single fruit tree that we host in the garden. There are various types and they can affect a certain type of plant more than another. Even the climate and the treatment that we reserve for crops influences the presence of fruit plant diseases.

The main problems that can occur are those related to insect attacks, or sometimes fungal fruit plant diseases linked to nutritional deficiencies. Cultivation errors such as excessive irrigation and fertilization, or a negative climatic condition, are certainly factors that encourage the arrival of these diseases.

Diseases of fruit plants: what are they

Some fruit plant diseases result from nutritional deficiencies, because the plants are fed poorly or too little. Usually these "Deficiencies" concern nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron and magnesium, the most classic symptoms of this type of pathology are the discoloration of the leaves, the dryness of the branches and leaves and their yellowing, the arrest of fruit ripening or their scarcity. It can also happen that they grow deformed or remain smaller.

Between diseases of fruit plants of parasitic origin, in the foreground we find two enemies of these trees: aphids and scale insects, active in spring. In this case the leaves are thereapart most affected but the pathological state also ruins the fruits that fall early and grow ruined.

Another category of fruit plant diseases is that of fungi, often not curable or not immediately, at least, and which cause serious damage to the production.

Diseases of fruit plants: apricot

Mushrooms particularly love this tree, they often arise due to excessive humidity, so it's good to prevent them calibrate irrigations without ever exaggerating and eliminating plant remains from the ground that could hide the fungi. There are fungal fruit plant diseases that affect apricots and other similar ones, and they are for example powdery mildew or sore white, dryness and rot of the roots, gray mold, gummy cancer.

Diseases of fruit plants: peach

A typical peach disease is Bubble, called Taphrina deformans in scientific jargon. It is fungal and affects almost only this plant, except for some of its varieties that seem to resist: Amsden, Buco Incavato, S. Anna Balducci. When the Bubble attacks a peach tree, it spoils the leaves but if it doesn't get stuck, it can also get to fruit and flowers.

The leaves discolor and become almost bubble, as the name of the disease itself suggests, sometimes they even turn orange and red and then strip away leaving nothing on the branches.

Diseases of fruit plants: plum

Among the diseases of fruit plants that they attack the plum tree, there are those brought by parasites. Aphids are among the first enemies of these plants, they develop on the ends of the shoots, and then there are the scale insects that weaken the entire plant, also damaging the fruits. They can also happen moth attacks, parasite that lays eggs in daughters and fruits. Finally, the plum tree also fears the chorineum which produces spots on the leaf and necrotizes the tissues leaving them pitted.

Diseases of fruit plants: cherry

As delicate as it is wonderful, the cherry tree is certainly affected by numerous diseases including the chorineum, the cherry tree fly and the black aphid. There Cherry fly in particular, it lays eggs in the fruit and damages it before it ripens making it inedible.

Cryptogamic diseases of fruit plants

To learn more about the types of diseases of fruit plants, here is a suitable book: "Cryptogamic diseases of fruit plants"At 43 euros also available on Amazon.

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