Lagerstroemia, cultivation and care

Lagerstroemia, cultivation and care

Lagerstroemia, cultivation and care: tree or bush pruning, fertilization and varieties to grow in the garden. All useful information for the perfect maintenance of the plant.

Lagerstroemia indica

Its botanical name isLagerstroemia indica, the name was given to it by its first observer, Magnus Von Lagerstroem who imports it to Europe from Asia. We are speaking, in fact, of a plant oforiginasian.

Due to its resistance to pruning, thelagerstroemiait can take different forms of farming. In fact, in Italian gardens we can observe:

  • sapling lagerstroemia
  • bushy lagerstroemia

We are talking about a deciduous species, that is, towards autumn it strips completely. The leaves are deep green, oval and sharp. Before losing their leaves, in autumn, they take on a very decorative reddish color.

Anyone who has a very small garden cancultivate dwarf lagerstroemiawhich reaches a maximum height of one meter. Theredwarf lagerstroemiait's avarietyvery interesting because despite its low height, thefloweringit is identical to that of the larger variety! Of thedwarf lagerstroemiaI recommend the varietyLagerstroemia indicates “Petite Emberg” with pink flowers or thewhite lagerstroemiaL. points to Petite Snow. The dwarf white lagerstroemia is a true spectacle of nature!

Lagerstroemia, flowering

Thereplantit gives its best in early summer, when its large flowers begin to bloom. The flowers have frizzy petals which, according to thevariety, they can be single or double. The flowers are gathered in panicle inflorescences that create a splendid spot of color: thefloweringit is apical so the optical effect is that of a plant completely covered with flowers.

Lagerstroemia, cultivation and care

The plant is easy tocultivatebecause it has limited needs. It is a rustic species that resists the cold: it can also be grown with a light heart in the gardens of northern Italy where temperatures often drop below zero.

Green light also for those who live in the South: thelagerstroemiadoes not suffer from the heat!

In order to have abundantblooms, it is necessary to grow the plant in a sunny location. Placed in partial shade, the plant will resist very well but will have stunted blooms.

The only condition is to provide it with a draining soil that is not acidic or asphyxiated.


As stated, we are not talking about a demanding plant, however to obtain abundant blooms and increase the size of the flowers, we advise you to administer a slow release fertilizer. Among the various formulations of fertilizers available I recommend that you choose a compound that has the classic ratioNitrogen Phosphorus Potassium (NPK)can also add Magnesium to further support flowering.

Among the various fertilizers available on the market I would like to point out the practical NPK + Mg sticks to be administered to the plant, ideally, in spring or when flowering has already begun for emergency interventions.

The fertilizer I told you about can be bought on Amazon at a price of 4.66 euros with free shipping costs. For every information:Fertilizer in sticks.

If you fertilize in March, repeat the fertilization in June so as to fertilize twice in a year. If you fertilize in August, do not repeat the fertilization after three months because the plant is preparing for the loss of leaves so wait until the following spring to repeat thefertilization.

If at home you already have a universal fertilizer for green plants or flowering plants, you can give that but… be careful they are not for acidophilic plants such as camellias and hydrangeas which are absolutely not suitable for lagerstroemia!

Fertilization is essential for each plant because it allows the plant cells to better defend themselves from various stress factors (drought, wind, parasites, high or low temperatures…).

Lagerstroemia, pruning

Therepruningit is performed once a year. The period to prune lagerstroemia? When the plant has lost all its leaves, in late autumn or winter. We intervene when the plant is bare so as to better see the branches to be cut.

Prune shrub lagerstroemia

In case ofbushy lagerstroemiait is performed by eliminating dry and damaged branches. Pruning in bush lagerstroemia should be performed to ventilate the plant and therefore allow the passage of air between the summer vegetation.

Prune sapling lagerstroemia

Therepruning of sapling lagestroemiait will have to be more accurate. To obtain a round and tidy crown it is necessary to cut all the branches that develop at the base or along the trunk. Therelagestroemia, if not pruned, it will become bushy so clean the stems from the branches and shorten the branches protruding from the crown by a few centimeters.

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