Jagdterrier: character and breeding

Jagdterrier: character and breeding

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Jagdterrier, a dog, a Terrier, whose name is not very well known but which has truly admirable characteristics, especially for fans of the genre. He is of German origin, from small size, character.

Jagdterrier: characteristics

The Jagdterrier he is a hunting dog and, even if small in size, he has extraordinary qualities that many “older” colleagues envy him. It is morphologically classified as a Lipoid type, it has always haunted the woods and heaths, it has a solid and robust structure without being bulky. The sight is a balanced, pleasant dog, with harmonious proportions, deep chest and powerful limbs.

Jagdterrier: breeding

There are some but not many farms that specialize only in Jagdterrier, especially in its country of origin. This is also because for many years it was only interpreted as animal for hunting.

In recent times, however, things have changed and we have begun to get to know its friendlier aspects, beginning to appreciate it as pet dog. From an excellent hunting dog, therefore, it has become an excellent companion dog and the breeding that devotes attention to the Jagdterrier has increased.

This breed comes from the Wire-haired Fox Terrier, is not yet well known outside continental Europe, in Italy only by those who are passionate about dogs.

Jagdterrier: character

Stubborn and very reactive, smart and intelligent, the Jagdterrier he is very agile and can afford the movements that few others do. With strangers he is suspicious, not aggressive but certainly not very expansive, especially at the beginning, therefore, it is good that the owner has a decisive, confident and energetic way of acting.

Even when he gets to know people, he maintains a proud and independent attitude, he is able to guard the property on his own, is loyal to those who respect and care for him, knows how to recognize friends and never betrays them.

As a companion dog it shows itself very sensitive and attentive, he does not complain if we take him to live in the city, he also adapts to take some trips by car if necessary, the important thing is that he can get a lot of exercise.

Jagdterrier: puppies

The puppies of Jagdterrier they are quite small but already with a sturdy structure that suggests how they will become as adults. Males weigh a maximum of 10 kg, females no more than 9, the height at the withers goes from 40 to 33 cm. The skull of these dogs has a flat shape, similar to that of their Fox terrier ancestors, the Nose is black or dark brown if the hair is brown, the hair, by the way, immediately shows its original color.

In addition to black, other colors allowed are black mixed with gray, or dark brown with lighter or reddish inserts on the eyebrows, muzzle, chest, limbs and around the anus. The little ones of Jagdterrier they have a powerful neck immediately and V-shaped ears, dark eyes, small and sunken.

Jagdterrier on wild boar

It is not purely the breed for wild boar hunting but being very performing, it can also be used for this, many do, many of the few owners of specimens of this breed. In reality, the Germans, the first to breed it, accustomed it to taking part and being an active part of hunting trips but, in general, it starting from the nineteenth century. The British joined the Germans. It should therefore be clarified which breed was not designed and selected for boar hunting, it all started with the idea of ​​creating a terrier that was better than the British one, starting from the first world war. In this regard, the Germans decided to focus above all on the character aspect, leaving out the aesthetic aspect. This does not mean that you have gotten an ugly dog, quite the opposite!

Jagdterrier: price

The price of a Jagdterrier puppy it can vary a lot from its pedigree and also what kind of puppy you want. A companion dog often has very different prices than a specimen of the same breed selected and sold for a excellent hunting companion. Better to turn to specialized farms to understand the cost and also what kind of owners you need to be in order to live best with a dog with such a "tough" character.

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