Hibiscus cutting, instructions

Hibiscus cutting, instructions

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How to make the hibiscus cutting: from the right period to hibiscus propagation techniques. Advice on care, location and cultivation.

L'hibiscusit is a plant that adapts to different propagation techniques, from sowing to layering. In the summer, the multiplication of the hibiscus can be done with the cutting technique.

Hibiscus cutting

Theperiodright is summer. You will need to choose a side branch that hasn't bloomed. Be careful to choose a side branch with leaves but no buds or flowers.

How to choose the branch to make the hibiscus cutting?
Observe the pint, take a young, partially lignified twig that is 10-12 cm long. Better if made up of a few knots (3 - 4 knots).

Remove the twig using a sharp scissors and a sterilized blade. Eliminate the basal leaves and the apical shoot.

To promote rooting, you can apply one of the many "stimulating hormones" you find on the market.

It is partially lignified wood so a powdered stimulant is not necessary, you can do without it, however, if the plant from which you took the cutting was already weak or you want to increase the chances of taking root, I recommend you use it.

How to use the rooting hormone

In case, buy a cutting powder that can be suitable for both semi-woody and woody plants, so you can use it for any type of cutting!

Among the various rooting products I would like to point out the Cifo cutting powder, proposed on Amazon (with free shipping) at the price of € 12.40. For all information on the product, I refer you to: "product sheet". I reported this product to you because it has mechanisms of action similar to those ofnatural auxins and gibberellinswhich promote plant growth.

For use, simply moisten the first 2 cm of your cutting by 10 - 12 cm and then dip it in the stimulating powder before planting.

Hibiscus, propagation by cuttings

Once you have taken the cutting as I explained above, you will have to induce it to root.

Use a 7 cm diameter jar, in which you can put soft soil obtained by mixing 2/3 of universal soil and 1/3 of sand.

Remember that when you bury the cutting it will have to remove the leaves of the first two or three basal nodes. Leave only the knot with the leaves on the surface.

Moisten yourshibiscus cuttingwith a nebulizer. The hibiscus cutting should be kept at a temperature of 18-20 ° C throughout the summer, so you will allow it to root. After next winter, when your cutting has taken root, you can perform arepottingplacing the seedling in a larger pot where you will witness faster growth

For instructions: hibiscus, repotting

After spring and summer, if your intention is to plant hibiscus in the garden, you can do it by transplanting it directly into the ground in autumn.

If you have not used the rooting hormone or otherwise want to guarantee a greater chance of success, it is better if you prepare three cuttings for each jar!

Hibiscus, care

For acultivationsuccessful, you will have tocultivate hibiscusin a very bright and warm area. If you live in Central-Northern Italy, do not choose delicate species and varieties otherwise in winter, you will have to store the hibiscus in a greenhouse or on a glass veranda because these plants can suffer a lot from the cold.

Which species to grow?
The most suitable species for our climate are Hibiscus syriacus and Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. If you live in the North, you will be able to grow the Hibiscus syriacus species, it can hardy cold. The Hibiscus rosa-sinensis species is more delicate and can only be grown in Southern Italy.

Hibiscus, flowering

From late spring until September, the hibiscus offers daily flowers. Not only flowers, the bright green leaves of hibiscus are also very decorative. Depending on the variety you can have blooms with bright and intense colors: red, yellow, pink, mauve or even white flowers.

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