Partridge eye: natural remedies

Partridge eye: natural remedies

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Partridge eye, it's not an eye but it's a skin problem. This is the name we give to a skin thickening, with a hard consistency, which can appear on the feet and which looks a lot like a callus. Partridge's eye is usually there consequence of a continuous rubbing, maybe for a pair of shoes that are not very comfortable or for other reasons that may be trivial but then there can cause discomfort.

Partridge eye on the foot

Sure, to the foot, and where else? This so called hardening of the skin is typical of the foot. Specifically, in most cases it forms between the fingers, or on the top of the fingers. Sometimes we can also find it on the sole of the foot, it also depends a lot on our way of walking.

We realize we have a Partridge eye and not a callus because it occurs accompanied by a sensation of intense pain in the affected area, so much so that it sometimes makes us almost impossible to walk without limping.

We would walk without shoes, with a similar thickening, but it is not always the case to do so, so Partridge's Eye is a nuisance even if it is generally free from complications for people in good health. In addition to trying to act onPartridge eye that has eventually formed, it is essential to understand the causes to prevent them from cyclically appearing on the feet.

Partridge eye: causes

The uncomfortable shoes, too narrow or made of poor material are among the main causes of partridge eye. The foot, in fact, finds itself in these cases having to rub continuously against the fabric or rubber, or against a hard material that causes the skin to harden in areas where it is naturally smooth and delicate. It is indeed no coincidence that those with badly made shoes, high heels and shoes that are too loose or not fastened, suffer from partridge eye more often than others.

Partridge eye or wart

It should not be confused with a wart, the partridge eye: dermatologists define it with the term of tiloma and they describe it as a circumscribed thickening of the stratum corneum of the epidermis that extends, if not treated, in depth. For this causes pain, for this reason it is better not to neglect it even if it has no serious consequences.

Some they confuse the partridge eye with a callus, of course there are similarities but also some differences. Calluses, for example, can also be soft and concern the same layer of the epidermis which can also have a partridge eye. The callus however has an area of ​​usually greater extension, and it can also appear on the hands and other parts of the body, not just the foot.

Partridge eye: natural remedies

Natural remedies for partridge eye concern above all its prevention. We try not to wear high-heeled shoes too often and to lace up shoes.

More predisposed are the subjects who have a particular shape of the foot or they have prominent bones, all the more reason they must carefully choose the type of footwear to wear every day. Those who do not want to risk can buy this foot protector, to be worn after drying the feet, before putting on shoes. Other useful tricks to avoid getting a bird's eye are the use of pumice stone to eliminate areas of hard skin and thickened and don't keep your shoes on too long if possible.

Partridge eye: treatment

The recommended treatment in case of partridge eye provides the elimination of what causes repeated rubbing, or that causes excessive pressure. First, therefore, understand the cause of the problem and remove it, otherwise we never finish remedying thepartridge eye.

Once this is done, we can have a podiatrist remove the thickened skin area and try to apply products for the reduction of skin thickening, there are also natural ones, in the form of gels and creams, that work.

Partridge eye: patches

It is not a cream but it gives excellent results, the partridge eye patch, which prevents its formation. We must therefore buy special protective patches that protect us from this risk. Alternatives we can find on the market soft padding or insoles to be applied to the affected area, moisturizers and silicone implants that they protect the foot and cushion the friction / pressure.

Partridge eye: drugs

Oral drugs, there are none, i pharmaceutical products which can be useful in this case are liquids and salicylic acid gels with a softening effect. Only in case of infection will antibiotic treatment be necessary. and the elimination ofarea of ​​skin bearing the signs of infection.

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